Been away too long.

Used WP to read other folk’s interesting snippets, but never felt the urge to burden them with my musings. Odd, really, as I have no such qualms on Facebook.

Anyhoo, I appear to have some interesting things lined up this year, so I have resolved to make an effort.


Motivated? A bit.

It’s been a long time.
Too long, but I’m not really sure I do anything interesting enough to write about at length.
I only follow a handful of bloggers, and they’re all very good, and creative, and frankly, it’s a bit intimidating.

I only really know about motorcycling, and even then, only a small facet of it.

I suppose I could stick to that.

    Brief catch-up from my much earlier contributions

Leg is better, after a fashion. I can stand on it, walk more or less normally, climb ladders, etc. What I can’t do is kneel, or operate “conventional” motorcycles. It just won’t bend past 90 degrees. Which is why I ended up with a Harley in the first place. What Harley? This one.P1000029.JPG

It’s big heavy and slow, so we’re perfectly suited to each other. It’s nearly four years old now, and I shall dedicate a whole update to it later (it’s approaching a milestone).

I also own a 2013 GoldWing, for reasons that will become apparent later.

Other developments? I retired (early) some fourteen months ago. I’d made my mind up to go early whilst lying in hospital. I just thought “carpe diem” or something else from Latin with Mr Sandford in 2B all those years ago.

Best decision I’ve made in a long time. Been busier than ever, not lost a pound of weight.

I miss my colleagues, but not enough to go back.

That’ll do for now. Mustn’t try to run before I can walk.

Not required!

Having volunteered to return to the fray after Xmas, I’ve been told not to bother until January 5th or 6th.

I am allowed to WFH in the meantime, though.

Next week would have necessitated the use of a cab, as the DLR is off in its Xmas holidays until the New Yesr.


Just been “assessed” by doc as to my ability to return to the normal working environment.
Told him the consultant’s verdict, and he seemed to agree that if we can overcome the logistical hurdles, then a phased return to normal seems sensible.
Which is good.
Just found out the DLR is FUBAR from Xmas through to the New Year, so that rules out that option.
I don’t quite feel up to riding in yet, either.
Looks like a taxi or nothing.

Worth it …

The wait, that is.

I’m now officially partial weight-bearing on the right leg, after only 171 days of lying down and/or hopping about.

The mental adjustment required to stand on two feet after six months is more than I can cope with, but it’s early days.

Doctor suggested complete (or as good as it gets) recovery could still be a year away. At least I can get myself a bit more mobile in the interim.


It’s what hospitals are for. Up since seven for an ambulance that arrived at nine-fifteen, arrived at RLH at ten twenty.

On the way we collected one extra patient, and almost collected a Vauxhall Corsa.

X-rayed almost immediately, which was a novelty.

Dreams …

The other afternoon, as I lay asleep on my temporary bed, I dreamed a vivid dream.

I was riding my motorcycle,  a CB1300SA, for those who care about such details. The roads were empty, and the traffic was very light (this is how I could tell it was a dream), and yet, at one point I realised I was on the wrong side of the road.


At the end of the ride, I returned to a hospital, rode the bike into a lift, and walked(!) back to my ward. I told my ward-mates (those from July) about my escapade, and was then dragged off for “tests” by the staff/cast of Holby City.

Odd coves, dreams.

Work – it’s odd

When we’re there, we can’t wait to go home, yet when we’re physically denied the opportunity to earn a crust, it grates.

I never thought I’d miss being at work as much as I have, and these few days of “working from home” are a poor substitute.

They’ll have to do, though, at least for the time-being.